Removable Or Fixed Implant Dentures?

Implant-supported dentures are the best option if you are missing all or most of your teeth. Unlike traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures are anchored to the jaw like natural teeth, preventing bone loss. Progressive Dental at Domino’s Farms is here to help you to get the best option.

Dentists can strategically place a few dental implants on an arch to support an entire set of replacement teeth with an implant-supported denture. Aside from full or partial dentures, implant-supported dentures can be fixed or removable. They are:

Fixed Implant-Supported Dentures

Unlike removable dentures, fixed implant-supported dentures are permanently attached to your dental implants. Fixed implant-supported dentures work the best. You only need to brush them—you don’t need to pull them out and use a cleaning solution every night before bed. This type of restoration is popular because it allows patients to forget they have dentures.
They necessitate greater bone and tissue support than removable implant-supported dentures. If you lack the bone mass required for fixed implant-supported dentures, you may be a candidate for an alternative procedure called All-on-4 full-arch restoration.

Removable Implant-Supported Dentures

These removable implant-supported dentures (also called snap-on dentures) are similar to traditional dentures, except that instead of adhesives, dental implants hold the denture in place.
Removable implant-supported dentures are a good option for patients who are used to wearing traditional dentures and don’t mind taking them out at night to clean them. Some patients prefer this option because it is easier to clean. Removable implant-supported dentures also cost less.

Implant-Supported Dentures: Fixed Vs Removable

As you can see, each implant-supported denture option has benefits and drawbacks. A fixed implant-supported denture is the most like your natural teeth, but it is also the most expensive and not all patients qualify. Removable implant-supported dentures are easier to clean and less expensive, but many patients dislike the way they feel.
Whatever type of implant-supported denture you choose, you can rest assured that you will gain a stronger bite, a better-fitting denture, and a more confident smile. Learn about fixed vs. removable implants.
Come to Progressive Dental at Domino’s Farms for a consultation to find out which is best for you. We’ll review your dental history, discuss your lifestyle, examine you, and discuss your treatment goals. Taking all of this into account will help us determine the best dental implant solution for you.

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