Baby Teething Comfort Tips

Teething in babies is a natural phenomenon but can be uncomfortable for them. We are here to help you make sure your baby gets a very comfortable teething experience!

Signs That Your Baby Is Teething

A baby usually gets their first tooth when they are around six months old. The primary teeth appear by age one and most babies have their full set of primary teeth by the time they turn three.

While baby teeth might arrive with no signs of discomfort or pain at all, some babies might experience a few difficulties. Here are a few signs to look out for that indicate your baby is teething:

  • Sore and red gums
  • A mild temperature
  • Drooling
  • The baby keeps rubbing their ear
  • The baby keeps chewing on things frequently
  • The baby expresses a visible discomfort in their mouth

How to Make Your Baby Comfortable While Teething

  1. Gently rub or massage the baby’s gums with your finger or a clean wet cloth when the teeth begin to appear or when the gums look sore.
  2. Rubbing a cold, metal spoon over the baby’s gums can also provide relief from soreness.
  3. Giving them teething toys or pacifiers not only numbs the pain but also makes their gums stronger.
  4. Drooling is one of the signs of baby teething. Make sure to regularly wipe off the drool from your baby’s face. This would prevent the development of rashes or irritations.
  5. Cold food: Don’t be apprehensive about giving your child cold or frozen food. Feeding your kids cold or frozen foods like chilled fruits or yogurt can alleviate their pain.
  6. Foot massage: It has been proven that massaging certain areas of your baby’s foot can help with the pain in the gums and jaws.
  7. Cuddles. Yes, you read that right. An effective way to comfort a teething baby is to cuddle with them. This not only makes the baby comfortable but can also help them feel at ease.
  8. Visiting the dentist within six months after the first tooth shows up helps the child to avoid any further discomfort in the future.

Chances are, your baby could be feeling uneasy about their developing molars. A few hugs and spending more time with them will make them feel happy.

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